Best Pets of the Week Video Compilation  September 2017

Best Pets of the Week Video Compilation September 2017

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Date: 2017-09-01 13:00:06

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Another week in the books for 2017 and another week filled with amazing pets and pet videos! From dogs and cats to chickens and cows, here are the best pets of the week!

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2. Best Pets of the Week:

Original Links:
Dog Loves New Bed:
Dog Bounces Exercise Ball Back to Owner: Submission
Parrot Talks While Dancing: Submission
Puppies Relax in Hammocks:
Horses Slide down Grassy Hill:
Chicken Rides Robot Vacuum:
Bulldog Gets a Manicure: Submission
Kitten Licks Baby’s Head:
Sheep vs. Chair:
Playful Calf Plays in Yard:
Dog Fetches Camera Underwater:
Dog Hangs On Tree Branch:
Guinea Pig Jumps Out of Cage: Submission
Puppy Gets Dragged With Mop: Submission
Cat Spooks Dog: Submission
French Bulldog Has a Hard Time:
Cat Sits Like a Human:
Dog Wants Cat to Stop Stealing Its Food:
Dog Tries To Talk:
Black Horse Eats Watermelon:
Parrot Dances after Owner Claps:
Pug Tries to Teach Sibling:
Cow Likes to Be Caressed:
Kitten Bounces Around Ball:
Dog and Owner Whisper Secrets to Each Other:
Bird Licks Cat’s Whiskers:

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