Squishy Faces Compilation 2017

Squishy Faces Compilation 2017

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Date: 2017-09-20 13:00:01

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Squishy faces are faces that are so squishy you can’t help but take that face in your hand and squish it! From bulldogs to grumpy cats, these pets have the cutest squishy faces of all time!

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Original Links:
Puppy Eats Blueberry:
Bulldog Gets Excited to go to the Dog Park:
Bulldog Puppy Kisses:
Bulldog Tries to Backflip to Catch Ball:
Cat Gives Soothing Massage:
French Bulldog Puppy’s Cutest Moments:
Cat Sticks Head Out of Box:
Cockatiel Gets Pug Puppy to Howl:
Dog Awoken by Owner’s Snoring:
Dog Tries to Climb up Slide:
English Bulldog Drools:
Fluffy White Cat Gets Haircut:
French Bulldog Loves to be Tickled:
French Bulldog Shocked by Alarm Clock:
Kitten Attacks Bulldog:
Kitten Thinks She’s A Shoe:
Little Girl Gives Her Pug Kisses:
Pug Pups Play with Baby:
Pug Resists Girl’s Kisses:
Pugs Tilt Head in Confusion:
Pug Walks Up Stairs Backwards:
Puppy Barks for the First Time:
Adorable Bulldog Puppy Crying:
Shar Pei Lets Out Big Adorable Yawn:
Shar Pei Puppy Tries to Eat Frozen Strawberry:
Baby Tries to Take Bulldog on Walk:
Bulldog Puppy Plays Peek-a-boo with Camera:

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